Little India-Singapore


Welcome to the second edition of my Singapore collection! I’m going to be talking about some of my favorite places in Little India! Let’s get started!


So in Singapore, there are loads of good food everywhere! One of my favorite ice cream stores there was called Swensen’s! I believe I went to the one in City Square Mall, which is really convenient because it’s near a train station! My mom, brother and I shared two ice creams. The Rock, which was 3 kinds of ice cream served over dry ice it was really delicious. The Rock was actually inspired by Alcatraz Island in San Francisco! We also had a Chocolate Crunch, which was a really chocolatey ice cream served with a chocolate-dipped cherry and hot fudge! The cool thing about Swensen’s is that some of the ice creams are inspired by landmarks and historical events!


Chocolate Crunch


The Rock


Masjid Sultan

For those of you who don’t know, Masjid Sultan is one of the most important mosques in Singapore! It’s really beautiful, but, unfortunately, I did not get a picture of it. When I went there, it was Ramadan. There was a tent set up, because they were allowed to eat, and I think the name was “Ramadan Sultan.” We got pisang goreng, which are fried bananas, and they are so delicious!

There are a lot of stores all around the mosque, including cute boutiques and bakeries! We didn’t really go to any of the restaurants, but they looked pretty good!


Even though I didn’t really talk about Little India, if anything comes to mind, I will definitely blog about it! Make sure to comment if you’ve been to Little India in Singapore and what you did there!

-Hazel (a fellow traveler)



Beat the Heat- Singpore


Hey guys! So, as promised, here is the beginning of my collection of posts about my trip to Singapore!

When we first arrived in May, and it was VERY HOT! It was already nighttime, so we went to the place we stayed at and got settled in. Since there are so many people in Singapore, and so little space there, everything is stacked, cramped and tall! Besides that, I don’t really mind because I love the city!

My family and I got over the jet lag pretty well, so to keep us awake, we went to China Town! It was even more humid there, but we did some outdoor shopping. There’s a lot of fabric stores and clothing stores with great deals!

We also got this DELICIOUS bubble tea, which is one of my favorites! If you are new to buying bubble tea, it is best not to get strawberry or mango no matter how much you love it! Personally, I just find that it gets too tarte or too pungent. Later we went to Crystal Jade Kitchen for delicious dim sum! We also got ice cream from the Haägen-dazs shop because I’ve actually never see one of those stores in the US! The green tea ice cream is really creamy and the rocky road is very nice!

The next day we went to one of my favorite shopping malls in Singapore, VivoCity! They have all kinds of stores like Zara, G-Shock, Singtel (phones),  Typo (one of my favorites), Uniqlo, The Face Shop (which is really popular), Sasa, Seiko, and Hush Puppies!

In the lower floor, they have all kinds of delicious foods! If you’ve heard of a bubble waffle or egglet waffle, they actually have a store for that! Hong Kong Egglet sells fresh bubble waffles that are pretty good! I really like the pandan (a flavor) egglet, but make sure not to get the spicy shrimp egglet. There is a bubble tea store named Koi Thé, honestly I didn’t like the tea very much but it is very popular around Singapore. You can also eat from Kopitiam, Starbucks, Old Chang Kee (my favorite, I especially love the curry puffs and the sotong balls with sweet chili.) Also, if you see any salted egg fish skins or potato chips, definitely buy them! VivoCity is also really cool because there is a lovely view of Singapore and the ocean behind the mall!

Fruit juices are also very tasty in Singapore, especially since all the fruit is fresh! There are stores all around Singapore,  and my absolute favorite juice is papaya with milk or a papaya milkshake! Dragon fruit fruit juice looks really cool, but doesn’t taste like anything. Since it gets really hot, watermelon juice is also a cheap and delicious way to cool down!

If you are visiting Singapore, keep in mind that there is amazing food and opportunities all around, so try everything you can and have fun!