Hazel’s Unique Life Hacks


Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in quite a while, our final testing is coming up soon, and then it’s two weeks until summer vacation! We are actually leaving the very next day after the last day of school for vacation. I’m so stoked! We will be going to Singapore for about a month, Japan for a few days, and then back to the U.S.! After that, we will be going to Canada again for a special family event! With all that traveling, especially half way around the world, I won’t have a lot of time or wi-fi. This may be my last post for a few months, but I’ll try to write and post them once I get internet and a computer! Anyways, I’ve seen A LOT of YouTube videos on life hacks, and I thought I’d try showing you my own random life lessons through blogging! Continue reading