Howdy! It’s finally summer! Summer has been amazing so far! You can go outside, go to camps and play sports, but after using all that energy, you probably want to eat something! Here are some amazing restaurants…

summer fashion

  Hello! I apologize, I have not been posting very often): but I will start to more often because it’s going to be summer!!! YAY!! So, I’m going to show you some fashion styles you can use over the summer!

Winter Wonderland

  Hello world! It’s getting to be that time of year again, my favorite time of year…. WINTER!!!! From tossing frozen snow balls outside to staying inside cuddled up in a blanket next to the warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate resting in my hands. This is the wonderland of a lifetime, paradise if … More Winter Wonderland

fall treats

mmmmmm…… looking for a spectacular treat to serve at you next family dinner or party? well scroll down below because I have a list of delicious treats that will be a hit!

jazzy paper pumpkin

What’s up? Are you looking for a simple, fun, and cheap craft that you can make for the holidays? (Halloween) Well I have the perfect one for you! I call it my “jazzy paper pumpkin!” First you need to gather… ingredients (Materials) 1 regular piece of orange construction paper scissors double-sided tape 1  10-12 centimeter … More jazzy paper pumpkin