Hazel’s Unique Life Hacks

Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in quite a while, our final testing is coming up soon, and then it’s two weeks until summer vacation! We are actually leaving the very next day after the last day of school for vacation. I’m so stoked! We will be going to Singapore for about a month, Japan for a few days, and then back to the U.S.! After that, we will be going to Canada again for a special family event! With all that traveling, especially half way around the world, I won’t have a lot of time or wi-fi. This may be my last post for a few months, but I’ll try to write and post them once I get internet and a computer! Anyways, I’ve seen A LOT of YouTube videos on life hacks, and I thought I’d try showing you my own random life lessons through blogging!

#1 – Eyebrows, wax vs. thread vs. yourself

Put the tweezers down! If you’re deciding between doing your eyebrows yourself, threading them, or waxing them, WAX THEM! I know,  I’m only in middle school, and waxing sounds very painful, but I speak from experience. I have pretty wacky eyebrows sometimes, and I have to get them done so it’s easier to apply makeup for dance! Threading is really  painful and gives you a very red forehead for a couple of hours! I’ve never done my own eyebrows, but I know that wouldn’t end well, and after waxing, a small part of your forehead is pink for about 45 minutes. Just know what kind of eyebrow look you want!

#2- Having less breakouts

If you have little breakouts all around your face, a lemon scrub is basically a magical spell! All you do is put some sugar in a small bowl or cup (put a lot more than you think you need) and squeeze 1 lemon slice over it. Mix it, and boom! Apply all over your face before you enter the shower and use a Clarisonic mia brush to brush it out in the shower. Then, rinse off. I can guarantee that most, if not all, of your breakouts will disappear overnight! I think this is more effective than face masks and mud masks from Lush and the beauty store. Those, in my opinion, make your skin softer, even when they’re meant for acne. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those stores, but I think they’re more specialized for other beauty products.

#3- Getting SLEEP!

I’m just going to come out and say it, wear a sleeping mask! It sounds uncomfortable, and it is kind of weird for the first few days, but it works 100%! I have a really soft one that came with a PJ set from Gap. I haven’t tried the ones with gel inserts, but they sound super cool! I’m definitely a night person, so it can be hard to fall asleep sometimes, that’s when I just put my mask on! It usually falls off by morning, so don’t worry about waking up to a very dark room!

#4- Good facial expressions for dancers

For those tween/teen dancers, it can be hard to come up with different faces when you’re dancing, especially since older kids can’t really do the duck face without being taken seriously. You can do small kissy lips, though. The first thing you can do is say the vowels in a very big way. You can also play with your eyebrows, especially in high-energy jazz or really sassy dances. Try not to do close-mouthed smiles because they can give off the impression that you’re mad or upset. I think it’s ok to do it once in a while, it makes it easier to replenish your mouth that has to smile for 3 minutes! If you’re facing the back, still smile, but not as big so you can “regenerate” while people seeing you from an angle will still view your pleasant expression.

#5- Better smelling locker, locker rooms, and rooms 

Instead of smelling sweaty lockers, axe, or the rotting lunch in your locker buddy’s locker, you can be smelling fresh pine, vanilla, or a new car! Maybe not the last one, but it’ll smell good anyways. All you do is get a car tree and put it in a plastic bag so it’s not too strong. The scent will be strong for the first few days, but then, it’ll start smelling better. I don’t know if this works for other car scents, but if it does, tell me! You can also use mini candles (without lighting them, but they still work,) gel beads (small packs,) and dryer sheets! (I put dryer sheets in my dance bag so my shoes smell better. ;))

#6- Not getting a soda can explosion

If you have a can of soda, tap the top of the can 3x to make sure no explosions happen!

#7- Having a good, homemade, birthday card

When you have a friend that doesn’t want a party, or you just want to give them something  at school, you’d probably make a card (=. A good way to dazzle your friend is to print out a simple, but cool, coloring sheet. Then, a few days before his/her birthday, try to get as many people to sign as possible on the back of the coloring sheet. For every signature, something by that person has to be colored in. This way, you don’t spend a few hours on the card! I would make sure to carry some art media and a few pens around with the card though!

#8- how to have a clean bed and good sleep in the Summer

First, the all-year round solution to a good night’s sleep is hack 3! For a made-up bed in the morning, fold your blanket horizontally a few times so that it covers only the lower-half of your bed. Then, every morning, unfold the blanket so that it perfectly covers your bed again! If you’re like me, you need something to hold at night, so this tends to be my blanket in the winter. In the summer though, you can get a long, cylinder pillow to hug at night!

#9- Understanding a foreign-language text.

When you get a text that you don’t understand because it’s in a foreign language, use Google Translate! When you get to Google Translate, box furthest to the let should be set to auto-detect. From there, just enter your text, copy and paste the output into your texting app and send!

#10- choosing dance shoes

Twyla shoes vs. tan jazz shoes vs. black jazz shoes vs. foot underwear? After dancing for about 7 years, I think I am pretty well-grounded on this area. Each shoe is made for a different purpose, here they are…

Black jazz- rehearsals of all styles except for ballet and tap, performances (usually for dance teams, they use both black and tan jazz shoes. If you are a recreational dancer, tan is a better choice, it is more common.)

Tan jazz- rehearsals, performances (Again, dance teams use both black and tan jazz shoes. This is more recommended for recreational dance rehearsals and performances. Tan tend to look more worn out faster.)

Twylas- lyrical performances and rehearsals. (Usually, dance teams do not allow Twyla shoes, ask your studio what kind of shoe they want you to use. Twyla shoes are usually accepted for recreational dance rehearsals and performances.)

Feet underwear Help with turns (Not really recommended, get your feet dirty very fast. Not usually allowed in  dance team performances, doesn’t go over any kind of tights. Sometimes allowed in recreational performances, allowed in recreational dance rehearsals.)

Barefoot- Sometimes requested in dance teams (try to cover up your feet as much as possible or else you could get a lot of bruises, blisters, and warts. They also stink sometimes, you know, dancer’s feet)

Overall, black jazz shoes are your best bet for dance team rehearsals (if you go about twice a week) because you could probably use them at competitions too! If you dance a lot, it doesn’t matter which jazz shoes you get, you’ll go through them quite often. If you’re a recreational dancer, Twyla shoes and tan jazz shoes are best!

#11- Fresh Bananas

If you ever have a problem with not having fresh bananas after a few days, wrap tin foil or plastic wrap around the Stem of the banana bunch!

#12- Not so icy ice-cream

When the ice-cream from your tub of ice cream turns out to be too icy, wrap the tub in tin foil! This will keep your ice cream cold, but not chunky and covered in ice.

#13- “Fast Food”

For some fast food, literally, prepare it before hand and put it in a container, then when you’re ready, take it out to eat! This is awesome because you can take it anywhere and continuously eat it! We always use this trick for dance competitions because it’s hard to find time to eat something completely, so we just continuously munch! They also stay fresh for quite a while and it’s cheap! What our family does, is we wash the whole bag of grapes at the same time and put it in a tall, cylindrical container in the fridge. Whenever we want some grapes, we can just take it out and munch on some! You can also do this with salads, eggs, oranges (you can peel both of those,) and more! Happy experimenting!

#14- Easy frosting

This is basically the base of any good normal frosting. You can add lemon zest. orange zest, chocolate flavoring or even banana flavoring! The ingredients are…

about 4 cups of confectioner’s sugar

1 stick of butter

about a teaspoon of milk

about half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

food coloring (optional)

extra flavoring (optional)

  1. soften the butter and stir it up until it is in small chunks
  2. add the confectioner’s sugar and mix until evenly integrated
  3. add milk and vanilla extract
  4. stir until frosting occurs
  5. add more milk if the too frosting is too thick or more sugar if the frosting is too runny
  6. add extra flavoring or coloring and stir until evenly mix and there’s no chunks
  7. refrigerate until use, don’t refrigerate for more than 5 hours or so

This recipe is basically just a thing where you guesstimate how much of each ingredient to use. This should be enough to frost a one layer 8 or 9-inch round cake!

#15- scarf hangers

Need to store your scarves? Simply tie them onto the base of your hanger and hang one on the neck of your hanger!

#16- Winning Scrabble

We all love to play Scrabble! If you are low on vowels or consonants, then choose a character on the board and put the letters in random orders. Then go to anagrammer.com and search up the word. It will bring up a page saying if the word is valid in your country, and technically, you can use it!

What was your favorite tip? Tell me in the comment section below! Also, make sure to like and subscribe!

-Hazel (I’m feeling lilac)


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