Harley Quinn Costume!

Hi guys! Are you stuck in that situation where you want a super cool DIY costume, but there’s only a week? I got your back, here’s a fun, creative Halloween costume that guarantees a great season! Introducing…. Harley Quinn! (costume for ages 9-13)

  1. the dress image I made my costume before Suicide Squad came out, but I think it’s still pretty good. I used my devils costume and cut off the tail, if you don’t have one, you can just get a short red dress, or use a red corset and tutu.  For the top piece, I just cut some black felt into 2 squares which are each 1/4 of the top and glued them on to look like red and black checkers on the top. Using felt again, I cut the fabric into 16 medium-sized diamonds and glued them onto the skirt part in a diamond formation (1 diamond formation on the front as well as the back and both sides)
  2. gloves image long black gloves and red diamonds (in the same 4-diamond diamond formation) glued on to the wrist part of your gloves
  3. Harley’s headpiece imagea very recognizable part of a joker. I used a black hairband from my devil costume and took off the horns to get just the base. You can also do this with an unwanted headband or you can get one. I cut out 2 horn-shaped pieces from both the red and black felt and sewed them together so there would be one red “horn and one black “horn.” Before closing the gap, make sure to fill the pockets with cotton and then sew the gap. For a finishing touch, I added cotton balls onto the tip of the horns.
  4. red and black leggingsimage it’s usually really cold outside, so you probably want to wear some tights and cover up your legs, considering that you’re wearing a tutu. We couldn’t really find leggings that go with the costume, so we got a pair of red and a pair of black tights. For the red tights, cut off the right leg of the tights to create half of a pair of shorts and one full leg. Do the same with the black, but cut off the left leg. slip the long left black leg through the shorts of the red from the top. It should have the black shorts underneath the red tights so that when you them on, one leg is red and one leg is black.
  5. mask- you can get a black mask or cut one out of felt
  6. mallet image all super villains need a weapon, and Harley Quinn’s is a mallet! I used a wooden pole about 3 1/2 feet long, then I covered a cylinder (Quaker’s oatmeal container) that was about 1 1/4 feet long with brown paper to look wooden. Next, you use the pole to stab a hole into the cylinder so it looks like a mallet. duct tape the pole to the cylinder, the end of the pole should be inside the oatmeal container.
  7. feel free to add chokers, belts, temporary tattoos, face paint, pigtails, and makeup!


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-Hazel (a Harley Quinn fan)


One thought on “Harley Quinn Costume!

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