Halloween costumes


Bo0! It’s that marvelous time of year again! Scrumptious pumpkin pies, handfuls of candy, witches and ghouls roaming the streets, but it’s not any fun if you don’t have a costume! I have 5 costume ideas that will knock those vampires out of the ballpark!

  1.  Let’s go back to that 19th-century day when you saw a steam-powered machine in this colossal factory. Can you guess what genre of movie I’m thinking of? That’s right! STEAMPUNK! Get that hot glue gun out for some serious action. Fill your hair with tall hats and goggles, put on those long, velvet skirts, and pull that jacket over yourself to get ready for Halloween! (I will be this for Halloween)

2. He’s in Alice in the Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass and is easily recognized by his curly orange hair! That’s right, The Mad Hatter! Most costumes can be really expensive and probably not worth it… I have a previous post where I made the costumes, so here it is>>>madhatter

 3. A more simple costume is an iconic girl from the golden ages, you guessed it, a flapper! I have not worn a flapper costume for Halloween, but I have worn one for a really fun play! I will publish a post about how to make it, so look out!

    4. The final magnificent costume is one of my absolute favorite villan, Harley Quinn! The fun character from Batman, and more recently, Suicide Squad! I made my costume before the movie came out, but be on the lookout for a Harley Quinn diy post!

I hope you have a great Halloween! Make sure to like follow and comment!

-Hazel (an 11-year old ghoul)


One thought on “Halloween costumes

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