Canada 5

Hello! It is officially day 5 in our Canadian trip! For breakfast, we went to Starbucks, because the hotel didn’t serve food and there weren’t a lot of places you can go for breakfast. After that, we drove back into the car ferry for a short ride back to the ferry-port. When we got back, we took a car ride to Richmond, which was kind of far, we reached there by about lunch time and went to the Aberdeen shopping mall on Hazelbridgeway.

We ate dim sum in the mall which was like an Asian shopping mall, which was really cool because there’s not a big Asian community from where I come from. The food was super good! They  also had a big food court, but we decided to eat at a restaurant. After that, I got a matcha bubble milk tea which was scrumptious! If you’ve never had bubble tea, I highly recommend it! It’s a tea that has tapioca bubbles in it and you drink it with a big colorful straw! There’s also a bubble tea which is a thick creamy flavored milk which is also really good. The Tea Smith has some pretty decent bubble tea if you live in America, but if you’ve only tried it once, give it a second chance because sometimes you get a bad flavor.

Anyways, we also got some really good jerky, they even have the same store in Singapore! The store was called Mei Jan Hong Beef Jerky. Along with that, I got the most adorable stackable sushi plush toy!! I think it’s starting to get really famous in Asia, if you’ve ever heard of a Disney Tsum Tsum, this is really similar, except they are sushi toys that have suction cups so you can hang them on your car window which is awesome! I got a small sushi (there’s an xs, s, m, l, xl,xxl size!) that was a salmon sushi!

To go with my adorable food, we also got 4 macaroons which were 1.50 each, which you’d think is super crazy until you try one. I’ve been to Paris before, and this macaroon was like a trip there! I got strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, and hazelnut ;).  After that, it was starting to dim slightly outside, so we drove to a place called that looked like vintage, but chic called Steveston Village. If you have no idea what that is, it’s also known as the place where they film the TV show “Once Upon a Time” how amazing is that? We sadly didn’t see much of the set because there was a huge crowd watching, so I couldn’t take a picture :(.

We walked around another wharf also named fisherman’s wharf. This one was also pretty lively, but the stores were all on a platform. We went to a shop named Timothy’s Frozen yogurt where I had a mint chocolate chip ice cream, which was super creamy and delicious! When we were walking, my ice cream just plopped off, even though it was nighttime! Luckily, I managed to save it and caught, which was very unusual because I can’t really catch things when I know they are coming down! It still tasted good though, so I finished it before that could happen again!

For dinner, we went to a lovely seaside restaurant called Blue Canoe! My favorite thing was the candles there, they were naturally shaped by the wind and it just looked super cool! My brother and I got salmon flatbread with spinach, tomatoes and a nice sauce, for Americans, that would’ve just been an appetizer because of how it was served and the small portion, but that just proves the point that Americans over eat! My mom had a crab sandwich which looked pretty good, and my dad had fish tacos that I’m assuming were very tasty! It was a good thing we had eaten ice cream before to help fill us up!

Afterwards, we bought two nice scarves at a gift shop that were really soft! Since it was pretty dark, we drove to our hotel in Vancouver called The Executive Hotel, which was the best hotel out of this one, Days Inn, and Holiday Inn, and that was the conclusion of day 5 in Canada

Make sure to comment! – hazel!


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