Canada 4


Hello it is currently day 4 in Canada! Yesterday we were driving for about 13 hours, but the scenery was really beautiful with all the mountains and lakes around us! We had McDonald’s for lunch where we had our first poutine in 2 years because there is no such thing as poutine in America! Poutine is fries with gravy poured over it and topped with cheese curds. It might sound kind of gross, but it’s actually pretty good! For dinner, we had Mai’s Vietnamese which was really tasty, but we went at 9 p.m. because of the long drive. Afterwards, we went to the Holiday Inn Hotel. It was old-fashioned, but pretty. The rooms were much nicer than we expected, like a mini-apartment! If you plan on going to Langley, then you should go there because it’s a good room for a good price! There were two queen-sized beds, two televisions, and a small kitchen within two rooms! Today, we took a car ferry to Victoria (an island in British Colombia) and it was such a fun ride! my very first time on a car ferry! When we reached there, we drove along the south coast, and it was beautiful! There were a lot of people and buildings along with the most beautiful ocean view! We parked near the Victoria conference room which was like a palace! There was high tea and designer fashion stores along with a beautiful garden! For lunch, we ate at the Spaghetti factory! If you go there, if you have to try the lasagna, it is absolutely heaven! Not quite lasagna in Italy, but it’s the closest you’ll find in North America! After that, we walked around and found a cute bike rental store named “The Pedaler”

As you can probably see by the bottom image, there are a lot of bikes, and that’s not even all of them, there were a lot of people already renting them and there’s some more on the other side! The pedaler was the only store I saw that rents you bikes in Victoria! The prices are a little expensive, but it’s totally worth it because of the great view and experience! The first stop we went to was the Fisherman’s wharf, when we cycled there, it was my very first time biking with the traffic! It was a good thing there wasn’t really a lot of it though! I really regret not taking a photo of it because the place was so lively and fun that you want to stay there forever! It was a wharf with little floating shops and seafood stands, yum!! I thought it was really cool how people lived in houses that were floating on top of the water! We went back to biking, and it was about a 45-minute ride, really nice though. Biking is one of my favorite things to do because you don’t really feel all the sweat until you get off the bike, and it’s also cooling you down as you ride through the town! It’s kind of like driving a car, except everyone can do it, and it’s good for you! Anyways, something really strange happened, when we were biking through the park, we saw two peacocks! It was so amazing, they walked up right next to us and I could even feel their feathers brush against my legs, and they felt like silk!

Before we returned to the bike rental we stopped at a coffee studio which was really artsy and inspirational with all the decorations! I got a mint strawberry smoothie which honestly wasn’t for me, my mom said she liked it and it was very refreshing, but I felt the opposite about it, my mom got a kale, orange, and celery smoothie which is like the all-time booster smoothie, and my brother got a blueberry banana smoothie. Which tasted super yummy! the good thing about it was, they simply blended it in front of you with no added sugar or anything, all natural! After we returned the bikes, we walked to the Legislature building, and it was really pretty!

imageLegislature building


After that, we walked around Victoria and went to the inner harbour, there was so much talent that lined the ocean in Victoria, it was simply amazing! We went to a food stand/restaurant recommended by a lot of people! It was called Red Fish Blue Fish!

The line was so long, it went straight to the other side of the harbour! My brother and i shared some wild salmon fish and chips while my parents shared a Pacific Cod fish and chips! It was so crispy on the outside and warm like a hug from the fish on the inside for both dishes, and the oysters were so juicy and as big as my fist! The chowder is also so delicious! Very thick, warm, and seasoned to perfection! The meal was totally worth it, they had sublime food, big portions, a great ocean view, friendly workers, and the food was even fresh from the sea! When we finished, we walked around the town, and saw about 20 seagulls flying above us like crazy! I had never seen so many in my life! luckily, no one had any white hair by the time we crossed that section! We drove to our hotel which was called Days Inn, probably the least best hotel we went to in the entire trip, There weren’t walls covering the outside of the hotel, but there were walls around the rooms of course, but not the worst i have experienced, but all the other hotels are way to expensive! Over all, I think it was definitely a memorable day!


I actually did finish this post on the actual day these things happened, and i hit the publish button, but when i checked the next day it wasn’t there and all the progress was gone, so I’m sorry if I leave out anything, because i had to rewrite it. I don’t really know what happened, because WordPress has never failed me, it was probably something to do with the wifi.

-Hazel (a tourist)


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