a year old rainbow!

Hello guys!! Guess what today is, the 1 year anniversary of hazelswonderrainbow!!!!!!!! Yay! Thank you to all of my amazing viewers and followers, please tell your friends about this website so we can all celebrate today! Here are 4 interesting facts about my website,

  • The most popular hour was 5:00, when I got 28% of my total views!
  • I have about 32 posts!
  • I first started this website in elementary school
  • people have viewed my website from Ireland, Singapore, Australia, and the U.S.!

to celebrate the rainbow, I have some fun rhings!

Below, I have created a short and easy quiz to take about rainbows!


Also, if you haven’t noticed, I changed the layout of my website! I used to have the gateway theme, but now I have the Cubic theme! There are some things you can check out by clicking the 3 lines box on the top right corner.

Here’s to another successful year!


-Hazel (a fellow blogger!)

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