Howdy! It’s finally summer! Summer has been amazing so far! You can go outside, go to camps and play sports, but after using all that energy, you probably want to eat something! Here are some amazing restaurants…

  • some people are Starbuck’s fans and some people are Scooter’s fans! both are good for beverages and snacks! From scooter’s I really like the mango smoothie because it’s really creamy and sweet, you can also really taste the mango! From Starbucks, I like to get a mango black tea because is refreshing and tangy, it is also a little sweet but not too sugary, I also like to get the Strawberries and Cream frappucino because it is creamy and you can really taste the strawberries, but it is not as good as Scooter’s mango smoothie!
  • Biaggi’s is a fancy Italian restaurant that has good bacon wrapped dates that are tangy and pizzas. My brother usually orders the Stromboli which is like a rolled up flaky bread with meat and cheese, they also have other ingredients. While your there, don’t forget to try the cream sodas!
  • The Tea Smith is a wonderful place to get tea! I don’t usually drink hot tea, I really like bubble tea. It is a cold flavored tea that can be shaken or blended and usually has bobas, but you can put other things instead like fruit jelly. I usually get a shaken passion fruit, lychee, or peach tea with bobas and 1/2 the amount of sugar they usually use (1 pump of syrup flavoring instead of two)
  • Curry Express is an Indian restaurant. I am obsessed with their chicken briyani which is a spicy rice with egg, lime juice, and a few more ingredients. My family also usually orders coma chicken and butter chicken.
  • Tokyo Sushi is a nice sushi buffet. They have a variety of salads, soups, sushi rolls, and more! I absolutely love the Age Tofu, and the green bean ice-cream! Last time we went there, we got a cute orange-koala. Make sure to check it out! 


In general I like a lot of food, all of the places I’ve listed are near where I live, because I think it would be a bad idea to give recommendations on places and foods if I haven’t gone there in a long time. I am definitely a fan of seafood, sweet but not salty things, and spicy food! Everyone one likes different things, so you can comment on what your favorite foods are or what your favorite restaurant is! Let’s eat!

-Hazel (I’m feeling metallic!)


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