summer fashion


Hello! I apologize, I have not been posting very often): but I will start to more often because it’s going to be summer!!! YAY!! So, I’m going to show you some fashion styles you can use over the summer!


I have been trying to do new hairstyles for the past few days, and they are a great way to keep the hair out of your face! I have longer hair, but I will still show some styles for people who have short hair! Also, summer is a great time to try new hair colors! I want to make some of my hair pink for the summer, I have never done that before. You could use the colored hairspray that you can find at Nobbies, and sometimes hobby lobby, you could get hair chalk found at Clair’s, or get it done at a salon!

long hair

curled, parted on the side

pull back and secure the front section of your hair with bobby pins

use a beret and braid the part of the hair that was secured with the beret

a front poof and a braided messy bun

curl and pin your hair to the side, use a beaded headband and some hairclips to decorate your hair so it looks like an Anastasia hair

short hair

pixie cut

pull back and secure the front section of your hair with bobby pins

a front poof

use a bobby pin to clip a side of your hair

curl to make a 1950’s styled hair



Shoes in the summer kind of depends on what you are doing, there are a few sections based on the event. Buying shoes is always fun, but I wouldn’t suggest buying shoes from a brand for the first time online because it all depends on how the store works.

chill-out day

most of the time, you are probably just relaxing outside licking a delicious popsicle in the park, so I would suggest shoes like…

flip flops/sandals

slip-on shoes

tennis shoes

open-toed shoes



you would probably be going out to a nice party or celebrating with dinner, but it’s still warm outside, so you should wear shoes like….

fancy sandals


fancy flats


to set the image, you would probably be going to a plain restraunt with your friends and you take a walk in the park later. You should wear…

sandals/nice flip flops






It is always hot in the summer, so you want something that is loose and flowing


A dress with a flowing skirt, you can add a belt along the waistline

lace dresses

basically any short dress and sometimes a long one without sleeves, I like to add a light sweater that you can find at Old Navy or a jean jacket


a tank top

a camisole

a loose short-sleeved blouse and a belt

tank top/tee

anything that is comfortable and with short/no sleeves you can add a sleeveless sweater and a brown leather belt to a white tank top


stylish shorts

loose flowing skirts (flower skirt)

pencil skirt

any bottom that is knee-length and up is sure to make sure you don’t boil in the sun and stay comfortable!


I really hope these suggestions helped you! There is nothing better than creating your own fashion style and being yourself! Always mix and match and add cute accessories along the path to a fashion icon! Don’t forget, you can stay in your pj’s all day long and have a movie marathon, it’s all up to you, as long as you have fun this summer!

comment on what you think I can do better next time I post and tell me about your style in the comments section!

-Hazel (a fellow fashionista) I’m feeling royal blue!


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