Winter Wonderland


Hello world! It’s getting to be that time of year again, my favorite time of year…. WINTER!!!! From tossing frozen snow balls outside to staying inside cuddled up in a blanket next to the warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate resting in my hands. This is the wonderland of a lifetime, paradise if you may. What to do, What to do, this question appears in everyone’s head once in a while, so here’s what you should do…

Throw a jolly Christmas party!

winter is the best time to make special bond with friends and family that last a lifetime! Stay inside and talk over a lovely dinner and movie or go outside and enjoy the sunshine while making forts a!nd shields against the unknown creatures that roam in your backyard. Whatever it is make sure to have a blast!

take a stroll around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights

I can promise you that you will see at least 3 different houses that are all decked up. We usually like to drive out to get some ice cream and take our dog to look at all the lights. My favorite houses are the ones that rent a station and have their lights light up to the music!

Make a craft!

ooh, crafts help to expand your creativity! My favorite thing to do. you can connect popsicle sticks with glue to look like a snowflake and paint it blue. I always make some presents out of paper if you would like to do the same. you can fold a piece of printer paper or regular paper in half and cut large slits in them about 1 inch from the bottom, unfold, and connect the two ends of the paper together to create roll or lantern.

sledding or skiing

watch a movie like Frozen


take out your old decorations and deck the halls! you can string three marshmallows together with a needle and thread to create a snowman. then, add extras like mittens, arms, nose, buttons, hat, etc. with different colored frosting.

I hope you  have something grand to do this winter! check out my other posts and follow the rainbow with me!!

-hazel (I’m felling neon pink)


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