fall treats

mmmmmm…… looking for a spectacular treat to serve at you next family dinner or party? well scroll down below because I have a list of delicious treats that will be a hit!

acorn chocolates

personally, I think these are really good! If you are looking for a sweet festive treat, these are the best for you!


Hershey Kisses, melted chocolate, peanut butter or regular chocolate chips, and Nila Wafers


1. attach flat part of the Kisses to the flat part of the Nila Wafer with a small scoop of melted chocolate.

2. attach a chocolate chip to the round part of the Wafer by some melted chocolate. Repeat until desired amount of acorn treats

Apple cinnamon parfait

this scrumptious treat is for people of all kind, you may add any toppings you wish, this is just a guideline of what I used.

ingredients (makes 1)

4 apple slices thinly cut or diced into squares, cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream, 1 cup or glass, other toppings of your choice

optional- whipped cream (recommended), sprinkles, cherry, Oreos, etc.


1.place a scoop of ice cream on bottom of cup or glass

2.place slices or squares of apples on top of ice-cream

3. sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top or roll your apples in the cinnamon and place on top of the ice cream

P.s. make sure not to put too much cinnamon or the parfait will be too dry

marshmallow mango cupcakes

this one is my absolute favorite! the soft fluffy mango cupcake blends with the stick sweet marshmallow!


tropical mango cupcakes you can buy at hy-vee-bettycrocker-tropical-mango-cake-mix, regular sized marshmallows.


  1. take the cupcakes and marshmallows, stuff 1 marshmallow about mid-way into the middle of the cupcake.
  2. place the cupcakes back onto your cupcake tray and set it back in the oven at 350 degrees f. bake for 5-10 minutes

cinnamon donuts and drops!

this original was created in my very own kitchen! the perfect crispy breakfast to start your day!
Pillsbury Grand southern homestyle original biscuits, cinnamon sugar, and a small cookie cutter
1. cut out a small hole with the cookie cutter in the middle of each separated dough rounds.
2. put some sugar in a bowl about big enough to fit a donut and still have some space around
3.  place 1 at a time in a frying pan. cook while turning over until crispy brown
4. place donut in bowl and shake it around until covered in cinnamon. place on rack
5. repeat steps 3 and 4 with the rest of the donuts and donut “drops”
6. cut open a slit in one of the donuts to check there is no dough left if there is cut all open and fry in pan some more until it is all donut
I hope you enjoy these scrumptious recipes and share them with others! Make sure to check out my other posts too!
-hazel (I’m feeling metallic purple)

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