My Homemade Halloween Costume

BOO! how has your “fright-tober” been so far? it’s getting close to Halloween! Speaking of Halloween… What are you being for Halloween? I know I am going to be The Mad Hatter! he’s one of my favorite characters from Alice In the Wonderland! in my previous post, I talked about the raven cafe/candy shop. That is part of my Alice in The wonderland theme, all my friends are also going as that theme too! so we are all going trick-or-treating together!  Last year my mom and I upstyled my devil’s costume to Harley Quinn from Batman! Since I have grown way too big to wear that costume for a 3rd time, we are starting again from scratch, ish! this is how we did it (not in the exact same order)

  1. skirt- we needed to look at the details, so we looked up a picture of the mad hatter! We started with the pants, or should I say skirt. 😉 We used my old dance costume  skirt and bought 3 different colors of 1 yard Tulle (fabric) then we pinned the Tulle to the back belt part of the skirt to look like 1/2 a tutu!
  2. top- this one was really simple, we used my dance jacket because look kind of like a trench coat (which he wears) and zipped the coat up. I also put on gloves that have frills at the end. Done!
  3.  the bow tie-this one is also simple! we used some soft fabric to tie a gigantic floppy bow tie around your neck!
  4. spools of thread sash!- This one is like making a necklace! My mom found some spools of thread, and we bought a Halloween-themed scarf!(with 2 ends) we tied a knot a the end and threaded the spools through the untied end. When the whole scarf is threaded with spools, place it over your “model” now untie the knot, but make sure not to let the spools fall off of the scarf! then tie a knot at the end and there you have it! if you don’t want to di that, then you can take a ribbon and hot glue the spools to the ribbon and tie it at the end!
  5. the great hat- this one is more complex, so there are multiple steps you need to take make sure to follow them in exact order!
5/1 the hat- first you need a base, you can make one or buy one for yourself instead! I bought one from nobbies!
5/2 the ribbon- for this, I used the same fabric that I used for the bowtie! Then my mom wrapped it around the hat and left some extra fabric to hang from the hat!
5/3 feather(s)- get 1 large feather (I used purple because all the decorations on the hat will be purple) and stick it behind the soft fabric. it is okay if it doesn’t stand up, you might have to bend it at the bottom so that the feather won’t be too tall!
5/4 the 10/6 sign- you will need to cut a tall rectangle from cardboard about fingers wide and about as tall as a grown up finger! place it in front of the feather, but behind the fabric, then with black marker write 10/6 for 10 shingles and 10 pence. feel free to add any  sparkles or special borders!
5/5 the pins- if you look closely, you will see he has 3 pins in his hat, so we took 3 skewers and broke them into three different sizes, then we wrapped tinfoil around them. Next, find some beads that have big enough holes and stick them onto the ends of the skewers. Stick them on the opposite side from the feather and cardboard sign
5/6 stick it together!- take some very thin string or wire and wrap it around the bottom of the hat tightly along with decorations. wrap around the 6 or 7 times, cut the string off, and a) twist the end of the wire together or b)tie a triple knot with the 2 ends.
      6. the hair- for the mad hatter hair, I didn’t want to wear a curly red-orange wig, so I am going to hide my hair inside the hat ad let a few strand come out and use neon orange hair spray to highlight those pieces. possibly even curl them.
      7. funky socks!- find some bright, fun colored long (knee-length) socks to put on. I used a pair of socks that has neon different colored puzzle pieces! if you don’t have any funky socks, then you can use mismatched socks!
remember that you can always stray away from the path and you definitely don’t have to do what I say, it is just the way I did it!
I hoped I helped you and I would like to say thank you to my mom for making this all possible! Tell me what you’re being for Halloween and tell me what you’re doing to get ready for the big day. It’s only in one week or so!
-hazel (I’m feeling jelly green!)

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