halloween decorations

hey-yo! Are you guys excited for Halloween? I know I am! We all know that Halloween is always that goosebumps type of day, but you still need to give people at least a surprised face!! From costumes to decorations your house will say it all. And here are a few tips to make sure that you stay “fresh” every year.

witch’s decorations!

  1. witch’s brewthis creep-tastic potion helps create a mystical elusion for fellow trick-or-treaters! first, for a basic “science project” add some vinegar into your witch pot or large black bowl and add some water (not a lot.)every so often when a kid(s) come by. You can create a wand out of a stick or use your own that you may have to pretend you are a witch
  2. magical flying brooms do you have a (witch’s) broom? perfect! you can use a thick-ish string and tie about 3 knots around the broom to make sure the broom doesn’t fall off of the string. Firmly tape the end of the sting to the ceiling, or hang it from a staircase ledge. (recommended.) make sure not to hang the broom too low, because you don’t want to hit your head!
spider, goblins, and ghosts decorations!
  1. creepy cobbly spider web- if you have spider web, this will be easy for you, follow the blue. if not, don’t worry, you just need to use a little more effort on this, follow the orange.

take your spider web out of the package and stretch it out a little bit, but make sure not to break it, so be delicate. take about a half finger length of tape and stick a corner to a wall, make sure to stick it about right above you head. ( 5 1/2 feet.) repeat until you house is “webbed.”

since you don’t have spider web, you can’t really make a “grand finale.” so you have 2 options, you can a) buy a web and do the steps in the blue with it. or. b) or use some cotton “puffs,” if you want to go out and buy cotton  puffs, then you should use a web, because you would be making a mini web. if you use the puffs (b) then stretch them out until it is long and thin enough to fit around your wrist. tape it around your window to look like a mini web.

for both direction you can add some spiders onto them, they should stick on.

2. Ghost lollipops- this one’s an original! you can take a tissue paper and wrap it around a sucker. then you put a rubber band around the bottom of the sucker. wrap the rubber band around a few times around the sucker so that the tissue paper stays on! Spread out the bottom part of the tissue  to make it look like a ghost. take a marker and make a face on the sucker. you may also do the same with green tissue paper to make it look like a goblin! You can even use a red tissue paper and pull the tissue where the part the ears are supposed to be.
3. milk carton ghosts- I got this idea from school when we made milk carton snowmen a while ago. we added ear muffs and everything! so, for this project, you will need a clear milk carton or regular clear carton (peel off the labels), a string of lightbulbs (I use eyeballs for sting lights), black paper (preferably construction paper), scissors, tape/glue, and a foot of green string.
use the scissors to cut out 2 triangles and a “pumpkin” mouth from the black paper and glue/tape it to the milk carton. next,  put the lights inside the milk carton and close the lid. if you chose to use the string, tie it to the rim o the lid to make it look like a vine.
raven candy shop- this one is more of a decoration rather than a craft, you will need a mason jar, a orange and black lollipop, a bag of candy corn, raven café sign, a candle (my mom used a candle in a dark jar called “spiced elixir” and put it onto a candle stand), a small pumpkin, a candle stand with a cover.
dead candle- place the candle on the candle stand without the cover
candy jar-fill the mason jar with candy corn about to when the jar starts to bend and place the lollipop in the candy corn jar
the main course, pumpkin- put some extra candy corn onto the middle of the 2nd candle stand place the pumpkin in the middle of the pile and put the cover on top
place the raven café sign against the wall.
You can place spiders and  black flowers around the decoration, here’s a picture of how mine turned out!
  1. witch body-gather up some rolled up towels, a fake skull, some old shoes or boots (preferably black) and a witch costume that you may have worn or your kids may have worn for the past Halloween! stuff the rolled up towels into the witch costume and lay it against a chair, use some of your old shoes to place it right under the legs of the witch costume. place the skull on top of the of the collar and put the witch hat on it. Ta-da! If you happen to be gone for Halloween, you can place a bowl of candy in the witch’s lap.
  2. caution! caution!- get some rolled up towels, a suit, a skull, caution tape, a flasher, and some shoes! stuff your towels into the suit and put him laying on the ground. Put the shoes on the part where the shoes would be! put the skull on the collar. if you want to put “him” outside you would need to put poles in the ground and wrap the caution tape around the poles, otherwise, if you put it in your house, you can simply tape it from wall to wall, place the flasher in the corner of your room, if you plan to put him outside, then you might want to place a thin piece of paper over the light.
eyeball jar- this spooky jar is sure to freak anyone out! you need colored Gatorade or water, a tall clear vase, plastic eyeballs. pour the water or Gatorade into the tall vase and pour the eyeballs in. they should float to the top!
freak-out jars-collect a few clear jars and follow these steps.  you can fill a jar with candy corn and use a piece of paper to tape to the jar and write “witch teeth” on it. you can do the same with mini marshmallows and write ghost poo!
here are some more examples.
brain gummies=zombie brains                                                water=dog slobber
purple juice=zombie juice                                                       cranberry juice=beetle juice
coconut shreds=mummy paper                                              flour/sugar=mummy dust
mini twizzlers=vampire teeth                                                  swirl mints=eyeballs
mini oranges=pumpkins                                                         guacamole=monster barf
mini hot dogs=fingers                                                             mustard=bat pee
ketchup=blood                                                                        marshmallows=ghost babies
candy corn=witch teeth                                                           popcorn and chocolates with glaze=ghost snot
crushed oreos-worm dirt                                                         nilla wafers=gravestones
black licorice=dead tree roots                                                 orange puppy chow=pumpkin guts
thin mint cookies=spider bodies                                              folded black cut-up bread=coffins
I hope I helped you with your decorations and made your possible Halloween party a hit! watch out for more of my Halloween posts and enjoy life! make sure to comment and tell me what you are doing for Halloween!
-hazel(I’m feeling lilac purple)

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