jazzy paper pumpkin

What’s up? Are you looking for a simple, fun, and cheap craft that you can make for the holidays? (Halloween) Well I have the perfect one for you! I call it my “jazzy paper pumpkin!” First you need to gather…

ingredients (Materials)

1 regular piece of orange construction paper


double-sided tape

1  10-12 centimeter string color of your choice (preferably green)

here are the steps you need to take to complete this scrumptious-looking craft (do not eat)

  1. fold the paper into 4 quarters
  2. Use the scissors to cut along the creases
  3. Take one square that you cut out and cut it in half
  4. take that half and fold it like a fan, do not fold the paper into a too thin over. make the fold have about a finger thick of a fold
  5. repeat step 4 with the second half of orange
  6. now that you have two “fans,” use a piece of double-sided tape and stick half of it to one side of a fan
  7. Next, use the other half of tape to stick it to the other end of the fan. you should have a full mini fan now!
  8. repeat with the 2nd fan
  9. you can now stick both fans together (with the end that has the tape) the 2 pieces of tape makes sure that the fans are secured together and will not come apart.
  10. repeat steps 3-9
  11. now that you have 4 fans, there should be two small holes (where the tape hooked the 2 ends of the fan) in each of 4 of them
  12. you can use your string to string all of the fans together by one of their holes and go through the other hole in the fan to string them again
  13. tie a knot with the two ends of the string, pull tightly
there you have it make some more and you have a “jazzy paper pumpkin patch!”
The instructions can be very confusing, and it is always great to ask questions! so comment below and show me how your pumpkin turned out! Happy fall!
-Hazel (I’m feeling yellow-orange!)

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