Cupcake frenzy

HI! Summer’s ending soon, and it’s time to have a sweet cupcake! Everyone has a sweet tooth, so tell me what your craving, I am leaning towards the red velvet cupcake, but it’s your choice, I love all of them. (BTW each picture is labeled and has a number so that you can vote!)

  1.  image

red velvet butter cream cupcake

2.  image

vanilla strawberry cupcake

3. .image

chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with panache for Father’s day


coconut cupcake filled with coconut meringue and topped with toasted coconut


orange cupcake with sweet orange frosting


Tropical mango cupcake with a melted marshmallow inside


make sure to check out my other posts, and subscribe! P.s. the image at the very top of the screen were some mini cupcakes from Baked Ny Melissa in New York

-Hazel (a fellow cupcake-lover)


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