my fashion guide!


hey guys! looking for a new style? well, I’ve got great tips and outfits for every occasion!


tye-dye shirts are definitely a great way to show your creativity style, it’s an especially fun craft to do!

tank tops are nice, most people wear them too! I usually wear loose ones, but the tighter ones from GAP are nice to wear, especially if you happen to be going to the pool or beach

it can be fun to wear dresses with 3/4 length of sleeves, but try to plan according to the weather, otherwise a nice flare dress is super cute with a thin black belt does the trick!


In summer, a splash of color never hurt, just be careful not wear everything in the same color category ,especially don’t wear too much neon colors, because sometime I look like a giant highlighter. try to mix and match colors. here are some of my color combo’s for a summer day>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

strawberry shortcake- red pink and white    lemonade-yellow and pink  rainbow- red, orange yellow, green blue, purple (usually a tye-dye shirt and a nice pair of denim shorts)



ruffle skirts are very cute next to the beautiful daisies outside, my style usually has ruffles all the way through, it may not fit your style, though. I usually don’t like skirts or dresses with skirts that have ruffles only at the bottom.

lace is more of an elegant style, if that is what you are trying to capture. lace tops are really beautiful and go well with long skirts.

flowers are a nice touch if you like to up-style clothing, or even on a pair of leggings. pop-up flowers are really pretty on tube tops or plain tank tops. they don’t go well on loose shirts or thick clothing.


spring is always a good time to wear big floppy hats or cute little hats, maybe even flower headbands that Claire’s sells all year round. if you happen to be going to a fancy party or down your own red carpet, Vera Bradley always has floral purses and cute little flip-flops on and off to feel the cold wet grass in between your toes. Again, you can always count on Claire’s to have cute little clutches and Justice to have a nice pair of wedges or pumps. here are my spring combos!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

floral dancer-a long translucent pink skirt, a white top, a dark denim jacket, a flower hair clip, and a nice pair of flats. tropical daisy- short translucent skirt with daisies on it, lace short sleeve top, a cute chain necklace with small pop-up flowers, a white Kate Spade handbag, and cute pink flip-flops with small bows in the middle. green thumb gardener- bright yellow rubber boots, short denim khaki pants, yellow raincoat with a ribbon and a cute little pink headband.


make sure to read my other posts and share my website!-hazel (I’m felling yellow)


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