wonderful day! part 2

hello! do you guys remember one of my first post about my wonderful day?wonderfulldaypart1@hazelswonderrainbow.wordpress.com well, today I’m going to write about what happened on the second part of my wonderful day.


after we arrived at my friend’s house, we had to leave so that my friends mom could buy some ingredients to make for tonight’s dinner… fajitas!! We picked out the cucumbers and then we got to pick out a drink. My friend suggested something in a glass bottle called “Bubble Up” It tastes almost like Sprite, (one of my favorite drinks) but I still prefer Sprite, like how I prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi. Then we went back to her house and helped her mom cook, we started with the rice, and then we made a special spice mix that we could marinate the chicken with, we let it sit there to dry as we peeled the cucumbers and sautéed the peppers and onions on the frying pan. we baked the fajitas, prepared the blue corn chips, and dug in! mmm… the light fluffy bread complimented the spicy vegetables. after dinner we decided to head downstairs to play some video games! She and I both like the same game.. Infinity, I showed it to her fist and then she bought almost the very next day! Now, she has way more characters than me! We also ate some Mike and Ike  candy that we bought at the store. Then, we made cute pom-pom creatures with the  thread and googly eyes that we bought at Hancock Fabrics, ( I wrote about it in wonderful day part 1) while watching Teen Beach Movie 2. I wasn’t really paying attention though, I was too focused on the purple creature I was making. we went back to playing some more Infinity on the air mattress that her dad had blown out earlier. we built a castle and a race track with horses to race with in the game! Along with Rapunzel’s pretty purple tower, Phineas and Ferb’s water slide, and Flo’s diner! It was really fun! you should download it or buy it, I hear they are coming up with Disney Infinity 3! We finally ended the day with watching “Donut Showdown” I had never seen it before, and I guess it was like “cupcake Wars” one of my favorites! Eventually, we fell asleep.

the next day >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When we awoke, (in the basement) we went upstairs and got some donuts and donut holes to bring downstairs. I think I prefer Bakers donuts better than the ones we had, but it is good to try something new! The funny thing was, that we were eating donuts while we were watching people make donuts! (My friend recorded Donut Showdown from the night before) We played some games and headed out for lunch at Hu Hot. I have not eaten there in a super long time, but it was fun, you got to pick out what you wanted, poured some sauces on it, then a chef will cook it up and toss it around like “Kobe Steakhouse” it is so fun to watch them do it. Then her mom treated us to s’mores, the fist round was cooked to perfection, while my second marshmallow caught on fire. Too bad my friend couldn’t eat them because she had braces. When we were done, she drove me home. What a day! I hope to have another day like that!

-hazel (I’m feeling turquoise)


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