hi guys! today I went the salon to get my nails done. I have never had them done and it was so exciting! First, I chose the color “electrified cherry” it was a pretty bright pink, the nail salon lady started with having put my feet in warm water I guess to get all the dirt off of my feet. after she dried them, she cut my toenails and used a nail file them, which I’m not used to because when my mom does it, we usually just cut my nails and then paint them, but I guess it’s because I don’t need a nail file. the lady started rubbing some sort of blue lotion on to my legs, after the lotion dried/came off she started applying a scrub that was tickly, green, and really crystal, she rubbed it around my leg and then squeezed an orange so that the juice would mix with the scrub. I have never seen that before, then again I have never had to use a nail filer. Anyways, after she scrubbed and scrubbed my legs, she put a hot lotion on my legs and it was very pink, but she wiped it off with a towel… a REALLY HOT towel! Luckily I had a refreshing Sprite o drink that she gave me earlier. she did the same things with my hand except she didn’t soak them in water like my feet, she just applied the same hot lotion and wiped it off with a towel… a really hot one… again, but then, she (finally) painted my nails the very neon pink! after, we just waited for my nails to dry, by putting my hands inbetween two shelves that a fan heating the space up. when we got into the car, we decided to refresh ourselves up by stopping at …Starbucks!!!!! That catches up to the present!

tell me about how you spent your summer and check out the rest of my website!

-hazel (i’m feeling yellow-orange)


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