wonderfull day! part 1

hi guys! You may be wondering why I haven’t been blogging for a few days, I was having the best day ever! My friend and I were planning to go to “Skate Daze” for roller skating, laser tag, and some pizza for lunch, but it turned out that the Groupon we were planning to use activated at 5:00, but it was only 12:00! We spoke about what we were going to do for the rest of the day over a nice lunch at Fazolis. make sure to try their Nutella pie, it is delicious! After lunch, we decided to go to ” It’s yours pottery” to make candles, usually we like to paint pottery, but we decided to try something new and make candles! Have you ever made candles before? Well, you should! If you’ve done a thousand times or if you are new to this. First we had to pick out a sent, I choose the Birthday Cake smell and my friend choose the Cucumber Melon scent. Second, we picked out different wax cubes that have different colors and stuffed them into a candle shaper, then, a worker mixed hot water with our scent and slowly poured the hot wax into the can that we filled with wax cubes. Then, she put it in the fridge to cool for 30 min., with 30 minutes to kill, we decided to go across the street to Hancock fabrics, I’ve never been there, but it was very fun because there were a lot of crafts and fabrics to play with. We were thinking of buying a sewing machine from there, but we found a better deal online. After we picked up our candles, we went for fro yo at orange leaf, I talked about it in one of my earlier posts… www.sprinklesontop.wordpress.com you definitely have to try the oreo tuxedo, wedding cake, and if you like sour things, pineapple and pink lemonade! Then, we went to Charming Charlie, I bought a scarf and two watches along with my friend, we both tried on high heels that surprisingly fit and really sparkly masks and tiaras that matched the sparkles that we sprayed all over ourselves! Ooh la la! when we headed back into the car to go to my friends house for a sleepover, the car smelled like birthday cake and cucumber melon!

check in tomorrow to see the rest of my day!

-hazel (i’m feeling dark green)


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