The city of Lights!

hello! A few years ago, we went to Paris France. Other than the Eifel tower, my favorite place to go to is the “Artist Lane” it is a wonderful place to just walk along the cold brick road, relax and eat a nice crepe with Nutella hazelnut spread.  I got a great deal at the souvenir shop, 1 Eifel Tower keychain for 25 cents!! there are lots of little stores and live music every corner that you turn!  Of course, the Eifel Tower is also a top-notch sight! although I suggest getting a pass or do some sort of tour that doesn’t make you wait in line for hours and hours. You can get some cotton candy and then catch a train to the Eifel Tower at night, but don’t be late, because it only sparkles for 5 min unlike how it used to sparkle for 8. Now they can conserve more energy! It is probably why they call Paris the city of lights!

Make sure to see these places when you go to Paris!

hazel ( a fellow blogger)


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