sweet fun!

Hello my fellow readers! How is your day?? To start off the dance troupe year, all of the dancers threw a kick off a bash!! Definitely the most fun party ever! The first thing you saw is the dunk tank, but when you go to the back of the house, a smashing party was there. A photo booth was set up at the side of the house, leading to the giant backyard! Loads of people were having tons f fun! there was a Slip’N’Slide set up and it was super-duper slippery and cold, but then we dried off when each of the senior dancers put a lot of Mentos into giant Coke bottles, and you know what happens when you do that….. an explosion!! the coke flew higher than 3 people on top of each other, and then the Coke landed on us, but luckily I could get away before it started raining coke. The second time they did that, they squirted it at us! During the second time, I figured out their trick and ran away before they could squirt us!   😮    Then, we headed inside for pizza, chicken wings, fruit, cheese, popcorn, chips, lemonade, snow cones, and so much more! Their house was ssssssooooo big, they had a basketball court, a workout room, their bathroom even had stalls! We finished the day with some delectable s’mores that had marshmallows I burned to a light brown crisp, voila! they tasted oh so sweet and yummy. To add onto the fun, we got to use marshmallow fish hooks to roast them! We finally ended the day with a mini red velvet brownie that had vanilla frosting on top!!

I would like to thank travelingfashionista for being the first person to like one of my posts! keep reading!

-hazel (I’m feeling the color of light purple on the rainbow!)


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