sprinkles on top

hi guys, I was just thinking of 2 giant scoops of mint chocolate chip.. ICE-CREAM!!!! otherwise, known as that creamy yummy cold ball of milk and sugar blended together. If you are thinking what to have for desert, go with the most classic thing…… ice-cream! I would usually go for a classic chocolate cone from Dairy Queen, but mainly because it is near  us, otherwise, I would go all the way to Cold Stone Creamery! I usually get the ” Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip” or the “cotton candy”  Even though this isn’t ice cream, it is still a cold, and yummy desert or snack, also known as… frozen yogurt! at first I started with Red Mango, and it is still delicious, but now we go to Orange Leaf. They both have a ton of flavors, toppings, and smoothies! I only suggest not going to Scooters for frozen yogurt, because there are only 2 or 4 flavors, and one time there was a flavor called “taking a bath”  which was only soap and water, no yogurt!! I’d only suggest Scooters for a rocking mango smoothie!!!

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-hazel (a fellow ice-creamer)


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