My playlist

Hey guys!! If you need a music playlist to jam out to or to study to, I have the perfect one right here!! I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift, and nearly half of my CDs are Taylor Swift CDs, but I also like other music too!! Like Selena Gomez and more! I actually don’t  have a favorite  song! there’s so many to choose from! So, the first song doesn’t mean it’s my favorite! Here’s my Playlist!

  • Shake it off           taylorswift                                            -uptown funk
  • welcome to new York                                                       -hot and cold
  • style                                                                                  -firework
  • blank space                                                                       -chandelier
  • 22                                                                                      -Billie Jean
  • change by Churchill                                                          -teenage dream
  • sugar                                                -let it go
  • slow down                                                                        -lips are movin’

I hope this playlist helped you!!



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