Hazel’s dance closet

hello fellow dancers! are you looking for some new dance trends to wear this summer? I have the perfect guide right here! From ballet to hip hop everything you need is in my “closet”

When dancing, I like to keep my dance wear tight, depending on what classes I have that day. I also don’t like to change clothing between classes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change between your classes.

jazz- my jazz teacher always says to take off any loose clothing when practicing our jazz dances. I like to stick with a classic leotard with a tight-fitting shirt and a pair of matching shorts to go with it. I have only 2 or 3 outfits which are gray and black, purple and blue, +.

hip hop- usually a leotard with a flowing shirt to go and a bright pair of shorts. always remember to put on some sparkly bejeweled shoes, as I have seen my friends wear.hip hop is the time to show your inner sparkle and bright spontaneous colors.

tap- also a fun time to wear bright colors, it also the same style as jazz, because tap starts before jazz in my schedule.

lyrical- I like to wear a tight top with a flowing skirt and/or a pair of shorts ( I would wear plain black shorts under a skirt of any kind. I hardly wear shirts, but I will if I have been wearing too much black.

ballet- Dance teachers re pretty strict when it comes to ballet attire, so ballet is pretty simple light pink tights, a BLACK leotard and hair sliked back into a bun. the teacher will tell you if you need to tie your shoe laces or to tuck them into your shoe. remember, NO shorts, bows, hairbands, jewelry, or other type of attire and add-ons

tips- I wouldn’t wear to much of one color,especially black or white. I prefer not to put a loose shirt together with a loose skirt. you can’t wear jackets after the 2nd/3rd step in ballet.

make sure to keep reading and ask as many questions as you please!

-hazel(a fellow dancer)


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