The Big Apple

A couple weeks ago, we visited NYC also known as “the Big Apple!” Make sure to go to Times Square, but walk to it so you can take in the breathless sights of New York. Once you get there, there will be big buildings and screens and a lot of people, but don’t forget to go in the buildings!! Including the three floors of “M&Ms World” where you can customize your own M&Ms. How cool is that? The only catch is that you have to pay around $60 for the 2lb bag, imagine how much it is for the 10lb bag!!!  You’ve also got to try the Madam Tussads wax attraction SO MUCH FUN!!!! Meet Michael Jackson, Taylor swift, Selena Gomez, King Kong, Marilyn Monroe, The Rockettes, and so much more!! Your hand can also be a wax figure in the wax-dipping station!!!


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-Hazel (author)



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