Rockefeller center

The Rockefeller Center is such an awesome view! it’s also your chance to be on T.V.!! The Today Show is aired on television  along with the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon there, but to be on T.V., you have to wake up so early! If you happen to miss it, you have nothing to worry about, because there is an “NBC experience store along with a tour” In front of the store is a hole that is a rocking café in the summer and an ice-skating rink in the winter. You might have seen the gigantic Christmas tree there on T.V. The hole has more than you expect, the outdoor café is connected to a mall that has a giant starbucks and Potbelly store. mmmmmmmmm…………when you couldn’t think there is more, there is! There’s as elevator that lead to the top of a 76-story building called “Top Of The Rock”  There is also a Lego store there, I haven’t been in a Lego store in a long time, and the store was so epic and awesome, they even have built a mini Rockefeller center with tiny Lego people in it.



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