food and cupcakes in NYC

When you go to New York, you have got to try out Magnolia Bakery, I went there two days in a row, but in two different locations! There cupcakes are fabulous and taste even better than they smell, I had the strawberry cupcake, and it was sssoooo… tasty! There is one in Grand Central Terminal, but you have to walk a bit, make sure to look at the ceiling while you’re there and buy some things from the market at the end of the row! In fact, as you exit the market, there will be escalators leading you to a good place for lunch and perhaps a Magnolia cupcake!! (don’t swing the bag of cupcakes, or else they will smother, I speak from personal experience.) speaking of cupcakes… I freaked when I saw the cupcake store “Baked By Melissa” they originally opened in Soho in 2009, but now they ship cupcakes worldwide!!!>>>>baked by Melissa !!! Around every corner, is a Mexican Food truck. As a tourist, I needed water, because it was super HOT and the ” Roosevelt Hotel did not provide water in the rooms, but they did provide Starbucks coffee at the bar! Also check out the hotel’s main room, it is spectacular!! Note that you shouldn’t buy water that is around $2,because you can buy it for $1

don’t miss out on my 1st two posts and keep reading

-hazel (the tourist)


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